Our Story

John’s Men’s Clothing was created with the motto “Work Hard. Play Hard. Dress Easy.”

Mother and daughter duo saw a need to add to all the amazing small businesses in downtown Bel Air, and felt the need for a men's clothing store. This store is not SO formal, and tailored like most men's stores. This is a business casual place men can pick up the perfect shirt for work, running around town, and out for dinner dates with friends and family. It is a one stop shop.

This mother and daughter duo are here to help style you for your everyday looks, or special event.

Can't physically come to the store? Order easily from our top favorites posted.

Who is John? John was our beloved son/brother. His love of clothes, and his ability to look great whether he was dressed up for work, or relaxing in a pair of sweat pants! His style of casual mixed with business, inspired us to begin the journey of a men’s clothing store. Our logo is his signature, and his style is our drive.

John is a classic name, with so many twists with in its-self. We feel this also represents our store. Classic with style and a modern twist.