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Travis Mathew Wanderlust Short-Balsam Green

Travis Mathew Wanderlust Short-Balsam Green

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You know your favorite Wanderlust Jacket? We made it into a short. Well—not your exact jacket. Presumably that is safe in your closet. But we made a WANDERLUST SHORT with the same incredible lightweight micro-ripstop technology and 4-way stretch fabrics. With tech for the course but versatility for the day to day, these bad boys just might become your new faves. Whether you're lounging on the couch, enjoying your box seats, or commuting to the office, the Wanderlust is designed with comfort, style, and movement in mind.

  • Part of the Heater Series
  • Ultimate comfort with 4-way stretch
  • Single welt back pockets
  • Back pocket clip label
  • Custom buttons for an elevated look
  • Durable but versatile for a variety of activities


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